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Phone : +8618736312823
Contact Person : Mr. Frank
Business Phone : +8618736312823
Viber : +8618736312823
Whatsapp : +8618736312823
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Email : frankwong@sinoltxg.com   


Company Profile

Company Profile

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LTXG GROUP LTD which is the professional manufacturer of compaction machinery in our country, was established in LUOYANG.
It provided much of the muscle that helped give rise to China’s spectacular economic development in recent decades. LTXG has developed new model rollers one by one by using the advanced technology, but today the company features the entire gamut of construction machinery from Road Rollers to Excavators,Tractors, Motor Graders, Wheel Loaders,Bulldozers,Forklifts,Landfill Compactors, Concrete Truck Mixers, At present the company has more than 140 individual model numbers in its catalogue.
LTXG four main production bases cover more than 2,000,000 square meters: The LTXG International Industrial Park and the LTXG Heavy Industry Technology Park are located in Henan Province; The company’s production capability, manufacturing standards and product quality lead the way domestically and strive to meet or exceed international standards. The LTXG Technology Research Center and Post-Doctoral Research Lab is recognized as National-Level Research and Development Center, and are the foundation of LTXG innovation and internationalization programs. Its annual production capacity exceeds 1,400,000 units of construction equipment rollers, LTXG established marketing system and sales and service network span the globe, its products are sold all over China and overseas in morethan 150 countries and territories.
In order to serve our new and old customers more better. We with the "Global Construction Machines Solutions" and ‘One Stop Shop”as its mission, Our company have more cooperation with XCMG and SINOTRUCK.We become their dealer in recently cooperate with them to open world market together. So you can buy any machines of XCMG and SINOTRUCK from our group.It will save your cost and time raise your work efficiency.
LTXG has been retaining her excellent character as still. Insisting in really actual manner and ceaseless march-on spirit, In the coming 5-10 years, LTXG will continue to develop its line of earth-moving machinery, concrete machinery, compacting machinery and road machinery, as well as its parts business. Ultimately, LTXG seeks to become a competitive and sustainable multinational company offering a highly diversified line of construction machinery products.
Respect and understand customers, provide products and services exceeding customers’ expectation continuously, and be customers’ eternal friends, which are our service philosophy insisted and advocated all the time.
I. We consider firstly that customers’ consumption idea has changed when customers have changed from sellers' market to buyer’s market in the enterprise. In face of numerous products (or services), consumption idea of consumers has changed. In face of numerous products (or services), consumers would like to accept products (or services) with good quality. Quality here indicates not only products’ inherent quality but also products’ packaging quality and service quality. Therefore, we must meet customers’ demands completely to the largest extent. Research, design, and improve services in shoes of customers (or consumers) rather than the company.
Perfect service system, strengthen pre-sale, on-purchase, and after-sale services, and assist in solving various problems appeared in using products, so that customers may feel convenience.
Pay high attention to customers’ ideas, let customer join in decision, regard treating customers’ ideas as an important link for letting customers’ satisfactory.
Build customer-centered mechanism. Establishment of organization and reform of service flow shall be centered with customer demands, to build quick reaction mechanism for customers’ ideas.
II. Customers are right forever
Customers are buyers of products rather than trouble makers;
Customers know about their demands and hobbies most, which are just information to be gathered by enterprise;
Customers have “natural consistency”, so that quarreling with a customer indicates quarreling with all customers.
Q: Which payment terms are available to us?
A: T/T term or L/C term. On T/T term, 30% down payment is required in advance, and 70% balance shall be settled before shipment. On L/C term, a 100% irrevocable L/C without "soft clauses" can be accepted.
Q: Which Incoterms 2010 terms can we work?
A: We LTXG are a professional and international company, accept all Incoterms 2010 terms, normally we work on FOB, CIF, CFR, CIP.
Q: How long will the delivery time take?
A: Normally it will take about 30-40 days to produce the ordered machines. Most of the time, we can have an immediate delivery of our regular machines in 20 days.
A: 365×24 Year-round Service
Globally, we have more than 5000 service engineers and 1500 dedicated service vehicles. We are committed to year-round 24-hour service even during holidays, in line with our policy of always providing "a response within 15 minutes and job completion within 24 hours."
Smart Butler Service
We have established a perfect GPS Global Service Center, and we can provide you with a proactive smart butler system through an Internet of Things platform.
Spare Parts When You Need Them
We have thousands of spare parts centers across five continents that stock almost 1 billion specialist spare parts. We promise that spare parts will be delivered within 72 hours.
After-market Worry-free Service
We are committed to providing after-market services, including rentals, second-hand vehicle evaluations, trade-ins, overhauls, and recycling. We always stick to our responsibility and mission of handling your concerns as best we can.
Quality warranty
We grant our clients a fourteen-month or 2000-hours warranty for any machine purchased from us.